"When Seconds Count"  This video was produced as part of fund raising campaign for McLaren Oakland Hospital. The video was produced by the Foundation staff. DCMI did the production design, shooting  and editing. Scott Bartlet and Julie Dyer assisted on the production.  

Video Production

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"Art Therapy"  This video was produced to highlight a unique program between the McLaren Flint Hospital and the Flint Institue of Art. The video was produced by the McLaren Flint Foundation staff. DCMI did the production design, shooting  and editing.  

"Michigan Fall Color on Lake Michigan"  Drone photography and video is getting increasingly popular.  Drones shots are everywhere today. These images are from the Empire, Michigan area showing views of Lake Michigan and a couple of the surrounding areas.  Enjoy the view!

"Championship Season"  This was a project that I was asked to work on with Olympic Silver Medalist Don Behm.  Behm was on the 1967 Michigan State University National Champs wrestling team and to commorate the 50th anniversary we produced an intriguing video on how the team came together and persevered through a tough season schedule to win the national title.  DCMI did the production design, shooting and editing on this project.  A special thanks to Jamie Hope who helped write the script and produce the show.  Also to Will Waterman for being part of the crew and adding insight to the production with his experience as a University of Michigan wrestler during the 1967 season.
This link takes you to a YouTube page so be sure to click the "Back" button to get back to DCMI.  Enjoy the show.