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Video Production

My hope is that the videos on this page will make you laugh, cry or make you think about life, your faith or your friends and family. These are videos that feature people that have made a difference. By telling their story they have a message about life, family and faith that, I hope, will help you with your life. Enjoy!

“A Journey of Cancer and Faith” Carrie was busy with life. Running her own business and a busy family life kept her on the move. Then she got the shocking news that she had breast cancer. In this intriguing video Carrie talks about how her journey with cancer affected her life and strengthened her faith. 29:30

“Art Therapy – Healing Through Art”
This video is a remake of a video that I helped produce a couple of years ago. The script was written by the Art Therapy staff. Will Waterman and I shot the video. I did the show design and editing.

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